Birthday Game

Hi Everyone!
Sorry for the quiet weeks on the blog, we took a long vacation back in Hungary which was really great although I had very little time to truly relax. Which is ok because after we got back home, our little boy has started the kindergarten and after a couple of weeks now he stays about five hours there every day and I can catch my breath now.

But before we went on vacation, my About page got renewed including a new picture of me. Did you notice?

I would also like to invite all of you to visit my Facebook page where I like to share picture of my creating process, sometimes an article or a video, or if you’d like we could just chat.
I am very grateful to all of my readers: those who have been following me for years and those who just started! You guys keep me motivated, especially your comments and likes! Yesterday evening I came up with an idea and since today is my birthday, I would like to thank you all with a little game! Yes, on my birthday you’ll receive a present! A few weeks back I went through my stash and sorted out a few fabrics that I will probably never use and I came across this really beautiful blue-white print which I purchased in IKEA a long time ago. It was a big piece but in a funny shape, so I cut it up into squares:


To be exact, 17 big squares (20x20cm) and 29 small ones (5x5cm). It would probably make a lovely baby quilt. (Just an idea…)DSC_3022

If you would like to win these, all you have to do is to be a follower of this blog and comment below that you want to participate in the game and you’re in! If you want to, you can share this post but it is totally up to you. I just want to thank those who have been with me along this sewing adventure!
You can sign up during the weekend and I will do the drawing and announce the winner next Monday. Have a great weekend!

DIY Wine Tote

Last week I promised you a post about the wine bottle tote bag that I created for our little craft fair. The idea of making something like this came from a costumer last year who said that he adores my products but he is an elderly man who has also bigger grandchildren, so he just couldn’t use any of them. True. My products were made almost entirely for babies and smaller kids and of course I can not please everybody.
But I knew that this year the costumers will be at least 60% the same as last year (meaning elderly people) so I had to come up with a few ideas for them, as well. Then I came across this great idea on pinterest and when I went to Hungary in the summer I already knew that I want to use my new blue print fabrics for this bottle tote.


For the first tote I only used a blue print fabric and nothing else.

To the second one I added a white strip of fabric and a blue zigzag ribbon.
My favorite was the third one where I used a plane blue print fabric (without any prints) and a funky yellow cotton fabric. I just loved the contrast of the colors! Finally I added the flower using applique technique (by hand). This one is the closest to my heart. And you know what? You won’t believe it: the same costumer from last year came back and bought it! I was happier to sell that one single item then all the others combined!


But of course I made a couple more. One with beautiful leaves and one a bit more “christmasy”.


I hope you find them nice and maybe get inspired and make one for yourself or someone for Christmas. It is really not a difficult project, it can be done under an hour. Just don’t forget to buy a good bottle of wine, too!


My dear Readers,
I would like to invite you all and especially those who live near Aachen to our up-coming craft fair (Adventsstimmung und Hobby-Handwerkermarkt) at the Hungarian-German Friendship Club!
It will take place on the weekend: on November 28th and 29th, between 11am and 6pm.
The location is Giselastr. 5. 52066 Aachen-Burtscheid

There will be delicious Hungarian cakes and other sweets along with coffee, you can also try really good and original Goulash soup. Yum!

Seven crafters (including me) will present their creations for the guests and they can buy and take home anything they might fell in love with.
Also on Sunday, after lunch there will be live music: a cellist and a violinist will give a short Christmas concert. So if you are interested, please come and enjoy this weekend with us! I would be very happy to get to know some of you!
I know, many of you live too far away to come but don’t worry, I will come back next week with lots of pictures, so you won’t feel left out!


This was my table last year. This time it will be a bit different, I have a few new things for our guests!


And these amazing christmas tree decorations were made by a dear friend. Aren’t they amazing?


Bonnet hats

Do you remember when I last year participated in a local street festival in Aachen called Lothringair? Well, it’s going to be organized this year again and I applied to have a booth for the second time. To be honest, I might change my mind about it this year because I am still negotiating on the price (which is three times more that it was in the previous year!) but I am already preparing new products: summer bonnet hats for little girls!
Bonnet Hats1
I am in love with these. It’s too bad that I don’t have a daughter (yet). But I will definitely make two for my brother’s daughters this summer!
Bonnet HatsWhat do you think?

Everything is last minute…

Lately it seems like everything I do is last minute. I don’t know how did this happen but I definitely have to catch up as soon as possible. I have big hopes for December: no more working and still (almost) two months before the new baby arrives into the family. I am crossing the fingers and doing my best.
There are two things for today that I would like to share with you.

First I have an invitation for everyone who lives in Aachen or happens to be there on the weekend:

udf_advent_Fleyer 2014

There is a Hungarian-German Friendship Club at the Giselastße 5. (Ac-Burtscheid 52066) where a few hobby crafters will organize a small but lovely market on the up-coming weekend (29-30. November). You will find here crochet-animals for kids, paintings, Christmas decorations made out of natural materials, jewelry, knitted goods and my patchwork creations. Besides the crafts we will be offering very yummy Hungarian cakes and sweets with coffee. On Sunday there will be also great live music (Guitar and Violin) provided by two young talented man. Come, take a look and enjoy this weekend with us between 1 and 6 PM! (Both days)

The other thing that I wanted to write about this week is the Advent Calender that I have been working on. Well, it is still work in progress, to be honest. I’m afraid that it won’t be ready until Monday but I still have a couple of nights to work on it. Or maybe I shouldn’t come up with impossible ideas all the time and my life would be much easier…


So far I have 12 tree ornaments done and 12 more to go. I might cheat with sweets and finish the project for next year or I will make the rest during Advent, as we go.


I was participating in the Lothringair Street Festival (in Aachen) last weekend: had a booth filled with my precious creations. I did this for the second time in my life and I can already tell that it went a bit better then the first time. I was more relaxed and knew what to expect. But the most important thing for me is still to try to have fun otherwise why do it, right?


The weather forecast was bad, it supposed to rain and of course it made me worry. So I got last minute a pavilion but after all the weather was very nice: not too hot and no rain, at all!
My booth was set up at the end of the street and in front of a stage. This was a lucky choice, I had enough traffic. The people were very friendly and interested in my work. Having actual face to face contact with the costumers is very important if you are running an otherwise online business. At least it helps me keep my spirit up.
A few friends and my family visited me which was also great to have them there beside me: I could finally show them what I’ve got and they kept encouraging me.


In preparation for this event I made a sign for my business. I used simple paper products, glue and scissors. Check it out how I made it!

First I printed out the sewing machine and the name from my logo.


Then I chose a thin cardboard in similar color to my business card. I also cut out a piece of thicker cardboard for the back side.

IMGP0779After that I cut out the  letters and the sewing machine and glued those onto the green board. Then I sewed on the yellow button before I glued together the green paper with the cardboard.


Finally I punched two holes along the top side and voila! It’s done!



IMGP0780And this is how it looked in my booth:





I am very happy to share the good news with everyone that our new web-shop is finally open!


Sorry that it took so long, we had some health-problems in the family which slowed our work down. but now everybody is fine again and nothing can stop us from going forward!

You can find the link to the web-shop on the left side of this blog. Most of the products will be familiar for my blog-readers. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!

For Sale: blankets

Happy new year to all! Thank you for sticking with me this year, as well!

Some of my friends and costumers asked me to list the stuff that are actually for sale. As I mentioned before I am working on my dawanda-shop (online shop) and hopefully in a couple of days it will be finally available. But until then here are some of my creations for sale. I will list infos to each photo and of course a price. Please, let me know by email if you are interested: send me your location, so I can calculate the shipping fee. I know, it is very complicated but don’t forget: it’s only a temporary solution!

1. Patchwork blanketVarras+Blog17

230 Euro.

Size: 210×210 cm.

Front and backside: 100% cotton. Filling material: Watte. Back side: dark red (one color)

Washable at 30 °C (preferable by Hand)

Fits perfectly to a bed-size: 160x200cm (or smaller)

2. Patchwork baby-blanket/playing mat



IMGP761960 Euro.

Size: 95x150cm   Wiigh: ca. 630 gramm

Front and backside: 100% cotton.

Washable: at 40 °C

3. Applique baby-blanket/ playing mat “Navy”



IMGP888840 Euro

Size: 105x105cm  Weight: ca. 620 ramm

Front and backside: 100% cotton. (Back side: one color: beige)

Washable: at 40 °C

4. Patchwork baby-blanket/ playing mat “Stripes”

Varras+Blog840 Euro

Size: 90×105 cm    Weight: ca. 580 gramm

Front and backside: 100% cotton. (Back side: one color: green)

Washable: at 40 °C

5. “3 in 1” Baby-blanket/ playing mat/ diaper bag + extra small bag with zipper

Varras+Blog2050 Euro

Size: 72×89 cm    Weight: ca. 400 gramm

Front and backside: 100% cotton.

Washable: at 40 °C

6. Patchwork baby-blanket/ playing mat “Owl”

Varras+Blog1040 Euro

Size: 90×102 cm  Weight: ca. 490 gramm

Front and backside: 100% cotton. (Back side: one color: light blue)

Washable: at 40 °C

7. Baby-blanket/ playing mat “Stars”


IMGP6706Note: this is not a patchwork blanket, the pattern is sewn onto the yellow fabric!

30 Euro

Size: 98×98 cm    Weight: ca. 330 gramm

Front and backside: 100% cotton. (Back side: yellow)

Washable: at 30 °C

8. Patchwork baby-blanket/ playing mat “Red and yellow”

IMGP787935 Euro

Size: 100×100 cm    Weight: ca. 440 gramm

Front and backside: 100% cotton. (Back side: white-red stripes like the edge on the front)

Washable: at 40 °C