I was participating in the Lothringair Street Festival (in Aachen) last weekend: had a booth filled with my precious creations. I did this for the second time in my life and I can already tell that it went a bit better then the first time. I was more relaxed and knew what to expect. But the most important thing for me is still to try to have fun otherwise why do it, right?


The weather forecast was bad, it supposed to rain and of course it made me worry. So I got last minute a pavilion but after all the weather was very nice: not too hot and no rain, at all!
My booth was set up at the end of the street and in front of a stage. This was a lucky choice, I had enough traffic. The people were very friendly and interested in my work. Having actual face to face contact with the costumers is very important if you are running an otherwise online business. At least it helps me keep my spirit up.
A few friends and my family visited me which was also great to have them there beside me: I could finally show them what I’ve got and they kept encouraging me.


In preparation for this event I made a sign for my business. I used simple paper products, glue and scissors. Check it out how I made it!

First I printed out the sewing machine and the name from my logo.


Then I chose a thin cardboard in similar color to my business card. I also cut out a piece of thicker cardboard for the back side.

IMGP0779After that I cut out the  letters and the sewing machine and glued those onto the green board. Then I sewed on the yellow button before I glued together the green paper with the cardboard.


Finally I punched two holes along the top side and voila! It’s done!



IMGP0780And this is how it looked in my booth:






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