My dear Readers,
I would like to invite you all and especially those who live near Aachen to our up-coming craft fair (Adventsstimmung und Hobby-Handwerkermarkt) at the Hungarian-German Friendship Club!
It will take place on the weekend: on November 28th and 29th, between 11am and 6pm.
The location is Giselastr. 5. 52066 Aachen-Burtscheid

There will be delicious Hungarian cakes and other sweets along with coffee, you can also try really good and original Goulash soup. Yum!

Seven crafters (including me) will present their creations for the guests and they can buy and take home anything they might fell in love with.
Also on Sunday, after lunch there will be live music: a cellist and a violinist will give a short Christmas concert. So if you are interested, please come and enjoy this weekend with us! I would be very happy to get to know some of you!
I know, many of you live too far away to come but don’t worry, I will come back next week with lots of pictures, so you won’t feel left out!


This was my table last year. This time it will be a bit different, I have a few new things for our guests!


And these amazing christmas tree decorations were made by a dear friend. Aren’t they amazing?



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