A New Sewing Corner

Some of you might remember the post about my previous craft/sewing corner that I wrote over a year ago. If not, here is a picture as a reminder:

Oh, how lovely and well organised this looked! Of course most of the time it was very much at chaos but it’s just something that one wouldn’t want to show. Until now! Because I decided to show you guys how my new and somewhat bigger sewing corner looks right now!

As it happens, my husband and I decided to change the look of our living room, so we started to push our furniture around, got rid of the hammock. Then my husband came up with the lovely idea to buy me a new wardrobe to store my always overflowing stash. He even found a beautiful one and bought it for me! Isn’t he the best? This is it:

Next to the new wardrobe stands my old shelf which stores more of my fabric. The top of this shelf is where my currently running projects are piled up. Above it hangs my idea and information board.

In the corner stands an other old shelf and the sewing desk. The lights were again my husband’s idea and they are just what I need! If you look very closely you’ll see that I am working on my Stitching Santas gift today! 😉

My favorite part is this little chest of drawers which stores my needles, zippers, buttons and a lot more. It is always at hand although it took me a few weeks to get used to it being on my left side, since before it was at my right hand.

And this is my happy corner all together:

Is’s definately growing but a cutting table is still missing, I do all my cutting on the floor or if it’s enough, on my ironing board which usually stands on the other side of the room. I am pretty happy with this sewing corner right now, I just need to get a few little supplies, like chalk and a new seam ripper because my old one seems to give up…

After all, this corner is my happy place and I love to be in it!
Please, share a photo or a link to your work place, where you guys can be creative and happy, I would love to see where all that magic happens!


Wedding presents

A very dear childhood friend of mine got married in September and it also happened to be our tenth wedding anniversary! It was supposed to be a lovely weekend but as life always swoops in, we were not able to go the wedding. I was pretty bumped but at least my parents and sisters were there to represent the family.
Soon after the weeding my friend sent me the link to her wedding photos and it must have been one of the best weddings: it was on the countryside in Hungary, not many people were attending but they partied hard! And the decoration was so lovely “vintagy” but really in a good, sophisticated way!
Anyway, I didn’t know for a long time what to get the happy couple but a couple of weeks before the wedding the inspiration finally came as I noticed how much I love my own, ten-years old and very much worn out kitchen mittens. I know, giving kitchen supplies is very old fashioned and could be boring but I love my mittens because an other dear friend gave us as wedding present and each time I use, I think of her. I might be sentimental but in my opinion this is what missing from most of todays wedding presents because almost every couple wants to receive money instead of presents. But you can’t remember your loved ones by money what you’ll spend! I know, you can buy what you really need from the money but it is still not the same. At least not for me.
Short story long, I decided to sew an apron, a couple of kitchen towels and a cook book cover, all using the same fabric. Check out how this little parcel turned out:

The apron has one pocket and one loop for kitchen towel. I might add one to my apron because I always miss this function!

I also included two key holders made from old and empty spools. I think the happy couple appriciated these presents as we gave them on our latest trip to Hungary. They invited us for a lovely dinner to make up for missing their wedding, isn’t that just thoughtful?

We also brought a huge “Printen” from Aachen which is Aachen’s famos gingerbread.(sorry, forgot to take a picture)

Please, let me know in a comment below if you have wedding presents that you still treasure after years! I’d love to hear their stories!