Easter Game!

My dear Readers!
I would like to invite you to a spring game! I made a small striped tablecloth and four mugrugs in very bright colors and the good new is that you can win this set by visiting my facebook page and sharing any of my posts. Just chose one that is closest to your heart, share it and you enter the game.

Here is the direct link to the FB Page.

My goal is to reach 100 page likes and as soon as I do that, I will do the drawing and one lucky person can win this set:

DSC_2321The tablecloth is ca 50x90cm and the mugrugs are about 19cm.

DSC_2323This is how they look from front:

DSC_2325And here is the back side:

DSC_2326I hope you like it!
We are going on a longer trip again, so see you back in April! Until then I wish you all a very happy Easter! 🙂