I am getting very nervous and excited about the up-coming “Nikolausmarkt” here in Aachen, where I will be selling my little creations for the very first time! This is going to be a double test for me: test of my German knowledge and of course test of my products. As I mentioned before, from January I plan to open an online shop and this market will definately help me to decide which products are sellable and which aren’t.

Please, let me show you a couple of things that I made for this market:

1. The newest pictures sewed from fabric and felt:

Varras+Blog182. Mug and mug sleeve made from felt:


3. Hand stitched pictures made by my Mom (framed by me):


4. A recycled throwpillow with air plane theme:


5. Folders with covers:


6. And finally my monster: a cover blanket for double bed. I worked on this for weeks and learned a lot doing so.

Varras+Blog17 The Nikolausmarkt (crafters market) will take place in Aachen, Marienhospital (in Burtscheid) between the 6th and 8th of December. Friday 4:00-8:00pm, on Saturday and Sunday 10:00am-8:00pm. There will be good food, drinks, concerts and of course the crafters! Come and have a great time!


Indoor play area

IMGP6576My dear readers, first I must say sorry for not posting for more then two weeks! I had a little vacation with my son in Hungary where we visited our relatives and also had time to think of new ideas! But now I’d like to share this big project with you, that I have been working on for a long time.

Our son does not spend much time in his room, mostly because he is too young to play alone. He still needs to learn how to do that but in the meantime, he is where we are: mostly in the kitchen or in the living room. In the kitchen he is allowed to play with anything that is made of plastic or will probably not brake easily. But in the living room he only had several books and he brought out toys from his room anyway. Then we decided with my husband that we would like to make a play corner for him in the living room. We don’t have guests very often and we don’t really mind having kids stuff in the living area. At least not yet.

In this corner of the living room we had a small chest of dawers previously but we moved it to the bedroom and it’s now my night table beside the bed. And I like it that way because it’s bigger and more stable then the previous one was. This problem solved!

Second was our dark-colored coffee-table. We got rid of that, too. We disassembled it and now rests in the basement. The reason why we did this, because we bought a toy-storage from IKEA. It’s called “TROFAST” (60 Euro). Just the cabinet itself, the drawers you can choose: which sizes and colors you prefer. We got the small green rug also from IKEA, it’s called “HAMPEN” and it’s 80x80cm (10Euro), the two red pillows called “EIVOR FRAGEL” (4 Euro) and material for the other two blue pillows. In a previous post I described how did I make those.


And there are the two wall-covers for protection and because I put several pockets onto them, also for fun! On the pockets you see blue stripes: I used the same fabric as for the pillows below.


Two more things that I would like to mention: one is that the toy-storage cabinet is quiet light and easy to pick it up, which is practical because when we actually have guests coming over, we move it to the middle of the room and it also serves as a coffee-table. We already played board games on it and it’s totally works! The other thing is, that the little one got the lowest shelf on the book shelf and he loves to just sit in his reading corner with us, brings us books and we read them together. Yes, that’s right, we also use the play/reading area with him, and we like it, too!


Finally let me thank my beloved husband, who got us a drilling machine (so we don’t have to borrow one each time, when we would like to drill a new hole into the wall) and put the wall-covers up! Thank you again!


Pillow cover for rounded pillow

As part of my next and bigger project I needed to sew pillow covers for two rounded pillows. We choose a fun fabric because they will be used by my son and probably other kids. At least according to my plan. It is quiet easy to sew this kind of a pillow cover, let me show you in a few step how it works:
1. Measure the length and the diameter of your pillow, and also the length of the circle which you can also count (diameter x 3,14). My pillow was 80X63 cm with a diameter of 20 cm. I cut out three pieces:

a.) 83×66 cm for the “body” of the pillow

b.) 66×12,5 cm for one end of the pillow and

c.) a circle with a diameter of 23 cm

IMGP61672. Put the piece “b.” on piece “a.” facing the right sides and sew them together on the side leaving a 1,5 cm wide hem. See the picture below:


3. When it’s done, fold the small piece out so it’ll become one big piece of fabric and fold into half lengthwise. Now it’s time to sew it together along the long side leaving a 1,5 cm wide hem again.

IMGP61694. Make a 1 cm wide hem on the left side (see picture below) where the 12,5×66 cm piece is.

IMGP6172When you are finishing this pillow-case you’ll have to cut a very little hole into this hem from the inside and pull a string or twine into it with a help of a safety pin.


5. Now take the circle that you previously cut out and pin it to the other end of the fabric. Again: right side to the right side. This step is very important because this way you can make sure it’ll be even everywhere and sewing will be easier.


If you sewed it together you are basically done! See, it wasn’t so difficult, was it? The only thing left is to turn the pillow-case inside out and stuff your pillow into it.

I needed two pillows, so I repeated the whole thing one more time and here are the final products:




Pillowcase for Christmas season

I sewed this pillowcase in an hour, it was fest and fun and it certainly looks great on the couch in the Christmas season.

First I cut out the shapes (heart, pine-tree, star): I used my cookie cutters for pattern. From the red fabric I cut out a little smaller shapes, from the white felt I cut out a little bigger ones. Then I measured the green squares: they should be a bit bigger then the heart/tree/star but not wider then your pillowcase!

Next I pinned down the shapes onto the green squares and sewed them, after that I pinned the squares onto the pillow case fabric (only front) and sewed them.


Finally I made the pillow case itself and also put a little label on the side and a button on the back. What do you think?