Green Summer Tunic

As you may have noticed my last post came out about a month ago which does not mean that I gave up sewing! Oh, no! Only I haven’t really been in the mood for writing. I don’t know what it is with me because I love sewing so much and I am always busy working on at least a couple of projects. There are a few distractions in my life right now and they make it hard to concentrate on the this blog. Anyway, I am proud to present a beautiful green summer tunic to you that I made!

For this dress I used the pattern which came in my stitching Santa parcel: From The Craft Network (The Eva Collection) CNS03. Thanks again, Ali (blogger from the Thimberlina) for this present! (It’s the blue one in the middle:)

I chose the short sleeve version and bought a beautiful green and black jersey fabric. I was really scared because my last attempt to make a jersey dress gave me a lot of head ache but this time I bought new needles and everything went smoothly.

Except for one thing: the dress didn’t fit me even though I made some adjustments to the pattern after measuring myself. This is something that I need to practice more: adjusting a pattern because I am clearly not a confection size. Especially not after giving birth to my kids… Usually I need pants and skirts in size 38 but my upper body is only size 34/36. I wonder if there is anybody who fits perfectly to the confection sizes? Or we need to shape ourselves nowadays to the clothes we can buy? Thank God that I found sewing!
So this is how the dress hang on me after finishing it:

It was awful but I didn’t give up just yet. Instead I turned it inside out and pinned where it needed altering. I took in quiet some on the side seam and a bit under the bust.

I also added a ribbon and two loops on the sides to keep that from sliding down.

The side openings and hems looks perfect this time which makes me very happy! I made some progress in jersey sewing!

Unfortunately I deleted somehow most of the pictures that were taken of me (by a dear friend, thanks again, Gabi!) but luckily I still got the best one:

I made this dress in the hope we can make it to Barcelona with my Husband this summer. We’ll celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and we would like to leave the kids at my Parents’ and have a short getaway on our own. Let’s cross the fingers and hope that no one will get sick and our trip will not get cancelled! Especially because this dress deserves to be worn in Barcelona! Don’t you agree?


My First Jersey Dress

So many great things are happening right now in my life and it seems to be more difficult than before to find the time to share these things with you. But here I am now and I’ll do my best to catch up a little bit.
First of all my third nice was born last week and she is beautiful and healthy! I can’t wait to see her at Christmas!
The second best news is that this year I was able to join sewchat‘s Stitching Santa: it is a Secret Santa game for bloggers who are interested in sewing or crocheting. Sewchet created this great project a couple of years ago but this is the first time for me to be part of it. We had to sign up in October, then everybody got a blogger by email and we have to send a present for that person before Christmas. There are more details and rules, if you are interested (for next year), you can check it out here. I have been busy and my presents are almost finished but I can’t post about it until Christmas, so please, be patient and I’ll share my creations and my received presents as well after the holidays! Stay tuned!
I’m also taking German classes again which takes up almost all my weekdays (it’s from Monday to Friday) and most definitely all my energy. Not even counting the kids… Anyway, I have this time a great group of people in my class, I even made a couple of new friends and they just cheer me up all the time! One day a classmate of mine came in a wonderful dress. Do you know that feeling when you see someone on the street and you would just take their dress because it looks amazing, and you’d just run away with it? Well, this was like that. But instead that I asked her where did she buy it but of course her dress is like ten years old and she couldn’t remember. But then I asked if I could borrow the dress to trace it for a pattern and she said yes, of course!

So this is what I did: traced the dress, made the pattern and then sewed it from jersey fabric. Luckily our sizes match, so I didn’t need to make adjustments.

But this was the first time I made a dress from jersey and I found it very challenging. Previously I made a couple of T-Shirts for the boys from jersey but other than that I don’t have much experience with stretchy fabric. Sewchet gave me advice on this topic but somehow I couldn’t really bring my basic sewing machine to do the task. It kept skipping stitches even though (I think) I tried everything: re-threading the sewing machine, adjusting the tension, different stitches, cleaning the needle, changing the needle etc. Hemming the skirt made me crazy, I ripped my seams about five or six times, finally I gave up, cut it a bit shorter and added a bias tape to it. That finally worked.



I don’t know what did I wrong or just my sewing machine is getting older but I’m quiet scared to make an other jersey project that requires hemming. But at last the dress is done, it fits and I am happy that I have a winter dress. As you can see I made the sleeves full length, so I can wear it without a cardigan.

I also love its green colors. I always wanted to have a green dress (or many more) to reflect my eye color and finally this dream came true! Thank you, my dear Friend! 😉