Nativity Banner

I was searching for alternative ideas to Christmas cribs and I came across a paper nativity banner somewhere. I liked the idea but I wanted to change the design of it and of course put it on fabric instead of paper. This is what I came up with at the end:


For the triangle flags I used a beautiful striped fabric which I got on sale a very long time ago but this was only the second time I used a little bit from it. I think it was a good choice because the banner looks great with the green ribbon.

I sewed along the edges with a 1cm seam allowance then I cut off a little bit from the fabric with my zigzag scissors. Take a closer look here:

bannerI drew the silhouettes myself using textil/fabric markers, then pressed it. It is really a quick and great project if you have a template to make it! And today is your lucky day because I made the template for you! You just need to download it from here, print it, cut out and trace the drawings. Easy, right?

I hope that some of you will try it and if so, please, let me know how it went!