My first mini-quilt

I had the idea to make a recipe book for my sister for Christmas but since my sewing machine was almost three weeks long at the repair shop, there was no chance that this project will be done in time. So I told my sister that she is not getting any present this Christmas and to be honest, she was ok with it. She didn’t mind it at all but it bothered me and I couldn’t let it go.

I got back my sewing machine in mid January and started to make our carnival costumes right away. They took me weeks to finish them all, but they were ready just in time! (A post about them is coming soon by the way!)

Today is Ash-Wednesday and guess what? My sister’s Christmas present is finally finished! I know it’s ridiculous but she isn’t expecting anything from me right now and in about two weeks we are flying back home and I can give her her present at last!


For her recipe book I chose a small (A/5) sized binder and I made a cover for it but I also added a mini quilt on the front side.


My inspiration for this mini quilt was one of my older baby quilts (check it out here) and I know my sister loves fabric with small floral prints, so I added this cute frame to it. I like how the light blue color appears in the dark red. I think it definitely matches the colors of the mini quilt!


I also added a button to the side: in a shape of a flower, too.


And finally pockets on the insides.
I don’t know if my sister will use this as a recipe book or something else but I do hope she will like it.


Binder in Frog Cover

When my sewing machine broke down before Christmas, I was working on a project for my son’s kindergarten teachers: a binder cover. It was supposed to be a Christmas present but then I wasn’t able to finish it before the holidays. I got back my sewing machine about a week ago and I had to finish this project right away, so I could give this late present to the teachers asap.

The truth is that I bought the fabric maybe a year ago: when I saw the frog themed pattern on it I thought of my son’s group right away because it’s called the frog group! I bought a smaller piece from the fabric and then waited for the inspiration which came shortly before Christmas.


I needed:

  • a back piece: white fabric
  • the front piece: the fabric with the frogs and a blue stripe in the middle
  • two white and two blue piece for the ears of the binder cover
  • two blue and two frog patterned fabric for the pockets


When the project was done the binder cover and the binder looked like this:


Not a complicated project but has it’s own tricks: for example how to hide the seams. If you are interested in the step-by-step tutorial check out my previous binder cover here!


I gave it to the kindergarten teachers last week and they liked it very much. One of them came to me today and said that they will use it in the group as a photo album for the kids. They were looking for an album with a sturdy cover so the kids can use it and hopefully it won’t be ruined as quickly.

TUTORIAL: Scout Binder Cover

Not many people know about me that as a teenager I was scouting in Hungary, in a great group named after St. Joseph Calasant. It was an amazing period of my life and I miss it a lot. This year my group celebrates the 25th anniversary which is something to be proud of! Unfortunately I was informed a bit too late about the ball that the group organized to celebrate this occasion and I didn’t get an airplane ticket to fly back home but I decided to send them something that I created as a thank you for those memorable years. First I wanted to send something for a ruffle game but there was none. They prepared other games, so finally I decided to make a scout themed binder cover and I checked with one of the ball-organizers and she said it would be a great present for the leader of the group. All right, then let’s get started!

My inspiration was the invitation for the ball:

412meghivoCan you see the knot on the bottom? It does appear on my binder cover as well. Here are the steps:

1. MEASURE THE BINDER YOU HAVE! Mine was: 31x27x6cm


Cut out the fabrics accordingly: add 1cm on each side to the size of your binder. I needed these:

– 2x  33x62cm (one orange, one beige)

-2x   20x33cm (both orange)

-1x   20x62cm (green)

-2x  8x15cm (green) for the binding part

-1x  11x15cm (green) for the phone pocket

-2x  8x11cm (one beige, one green) for the phone pocket upper part

-1x  9x15cm (green) for the pen holder/pocket

-1x scout lily cut out on vliesofix (interfacing)

– 1m tvine

– a group number if you have one

– 2x   2,5cm velcro


2. As the second step IRON every piece and fold back 1cm on the 20x62cm green fabric lengthwise and press-iron it.

IMGP92843. Put this green piece on the biggest orange fabric. Position it in the middle then sew it lengthwise on both sides. Not it should look like this:

IMGP92874. PREPARE THE SCOUT LILY! I searched one on the internet, printed it out and used it as my pattern. Iron interfacing onto a beige fabric. Then put the pattern and the fabric onto each other and hold them up to your window and trace the lines. Then cut out the lily, iron it onto the green fabric and sew it onto! Position it in the middle of the front side.


IMGP9290First I sewed the lines/seams in the middle of the lily, then on the edges.

Also with interfacing iron and sew the group-number in the middle of the whole orange/green fabrics. It helps if you press-iron where the edges of the binder will be, see picture bellow:


5. Make the knot and sew the twine onto the big orange fabric parallel with the edge of the green fabric.

6. SEW HEMS on both 20x33cm orange fabric on one side lengthwise:

IMGP92937. As the next step you have to make the PHONE POCKET! Sew a hem on the 11x15cm green fabric on the shorter side. Then take the 8x11cm fabrics (beige and green) and sew them tegether on three sides facing the right sides together and leaving a longer side open. Then turn it out, iron the edge and sew one side of the velcro onto it. Sew the other side of the velcro onto the the green fabric with the hem. Now it should look like the two pieces in the middle of  the picture below:

IMGP92928. HEM the shorter side of the 9x15cm green fabric. This will be the PEN POCKET!

9. Facing the right sides, sew together the two 8x15cm green fabrics on three sides leaving one short side open, turn it inside out and iron the edges. Sew one side of the other velcro onto it. See on the left side on the picture above!

10. Fold 1cm from the edges of the phone pocket and pen holder back and sew them onto the 20x33cm orange pieces. You should fold inside 1cm from the open end of the upper part of the phone pocket and then sew a seam through it. Now it is easier to sew it onto the orange fabric. Pay attention: position the upper side of the phone pocket so the velcro meets with it other side!


Now all the parts are ready to go and the should look like this:


11.  Here comes the trickiest but the best part: ASSEMBLING EVERYTHING together.


a.) Put the big orange fabric (with the green fabric and the lily) down first. It should be facing up!

b.) Now put the green binder with the velcro on the right side (in the middle) facing the velcro upside!

c.) Now put the two orange pieces on the sides facing down! In my case the one with the phone pocket came to the right side, and the one with the pen holder came to the left side. The hem of the orange fabric should be facing the middle, that’s the most important thing!

d.) Finally put the big green fabric to cover all the others! Pin it all around! Sew along the sides, 1cm from the edges BUT leave about 10cm opened because that’s where you will turn the whole thing inside out!

12. Sew and then turn the whole thing inside out!

IMGP9307How about that?

IMGP930813. The final step is to iron it and hand stitch that 10 cm gap. Hopefully it fits perfectly to the binder and it is good to go!




The greatest thing about this technique that by learning it you will be able to make any kind of notebook or book cover! There is no limit to the possibilities! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you make something using this, please send me a picture and share your thoughts on it!