Baby Projects in Use

As I promised in my last post, I am back with a couple of pictures to show you how those baby projects are working out for us.

First I would like to share the only project which I was able to finish after our little sunshine was born: we were in need of baby bibs, so I made three of them. I sewed them from six different colored fabric, so when we turn them, they have a different color and style and more option for us. They are still in use a lot and we find them great. Previously I downloaded a bib-pattern for the turquoise dress but I found that bib too small, so I sketched a new pattern which works way better.

The turquoise outfit worked out just partially because as I said, the bib was too small and those shorts are still a bit too big and the weather is not so sunny anymore, so she is able to wear those only with stockings. The hat was the best one she had but it is getting slowly too tight. I might make a size bigger once I have the chance. The tunic itself was a very loved piece and it still is. Since it is made from jersey, it’s kind of growing with our little one.

The blue dress is my favorite. I am just in love with it and her in it. I think it is the cutest of all. Unfortunately it is getting tight but for a couple more weeks we can still enjoy it!

The green dungaree is in the other hand still a bit too big but I like how it keeps her back and tummy warm. The only problem is that it is a bit too bright. I can understand that this design has to be loose for moving around (for the older kids) but in baby sizes it could be a bit tighter on the sides. I might add a couple of snaps though.

The green jersey tunic and pants are just a perfect fit and it is also very cute. Too bad, that it is not the season for me to wear my matching tunic as I planned…

Which of these projects did you like the most? And which is your favorite project you made for your little one? Share with us in a comment below!

(The links to all the patterns I used are in a previous post called Baby Projects.)


Dungarees for the kids

Sorry for this very long pause on the blog but if you read my latest post in the summer, you know that by now our family has a very cute new member and I’ve been quiet busy in the last couple of months. I promise, I’ll get back to you with baby pictures as soon as I can, but right now I would like to show you something else.

Our little baby girl did not hurry to meet us, in fact, we had to make her live my belly, which meant that I had a bit extra time before her arrival and of course I used this extra time to sew! In fact, I made three dungarees: one for each kid! I let the boys choose their fabric and they were happy to wear these pants all summer.

Unfortunately I have only pictures of one of them but as you can see, the pants were a big hit, especially because I also let them decide on how many and how big the pockets should be.

The pattern is a freebee from Lilabrombeerwölkchen and called 3KäseHoch Latzhose (Size: 62-140). Unfortunately her website is no longer available which is sad because she had great patterns. 😦

What was your favorite summer project? Tell me in a comment!