I have a confession to make to you, my dear Readers…

I often search on Pinterest for inspiration or read other blogs but sometimes I get the feeling that those writes have it all figured out and everything seems to be perfect in their lives. Well, it is certainly not in my life and I do believe that everybody has their own struggles and makes mistakes, they just chose not to share that part of their lives publicly. I get that and some part of me agrees with that because why would I share my everyday struggles if this blog isn’t about that? This blog tries to be the opposite of that: inspiration and (hopefully) good ideas to make our lives a bit happier.

But I also believe if a project fails, I have to share that, too because my failure can help others to grow, as well. Not just me.

Anyway, do you remember about my idea for advent? I was trying to write letters and reconnect old, good friends throughout advent: each day a friend. But this project failed because I was able to write only four letters instead of 24. This wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t write about my plans on this blog because nobody would know about it. But I fear that some of my friends might had been expecting letters from me and they might feel left out now.

Still, this problem might exist only in my head but I apologize if I did hurt someone’s feelings.


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