Sailor outfit for summer

A couple of weeks ago I went trough my son’s wardrobe to see if he has enough summer outfits. Shorts: check. T-Shirts: check. Shorts for swimming: check. But then I had to realize that we live in Aachen. There is no real summer here, at least not every year and certainly not for three months… But we do have some days when the weather is nice enough to be outside, enjoy the sunshine, have an ice-cream or go hiking. But that requires a different kind of summer outfit: maybe a light but long pair of pants with long-arm T-Shirts. Pants. My son had only jeans and other warmer pants. This is how I came up with the idea of sewing him long but summery pants.

We are preparing our home for moving which means I don’t really have time to go downtown and shop for new summer outfits for the kids and myself. But luckily the fabric store is not far from our home.

When I went to buy fabric for this project I was a bit disappointed again: you can always find tons of printed fabrics for girls but for boys? There were maybe two or three to choose from. And it’s always like this, no matter where you are searching for fabric.

Anyway, I found this lovely blue cotton fabric with anchors on it and I made a bucket hat and a pair of pants out of it.


I added pockets and ham using a green scrap-fabric and voila! I was never the kind who would sew outfits but times and needs change, I guess. My son loves both the hat and the pants. He calls it the “pirate hat”.

Of course by the time I was done sewing, the weather had changed and we were back to jackets and jeans… but today the sun is shining again and there is hope!


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