New Year- New Start

Many people make new year’s resolutions, so did I last year. Mine was to try to post on this blog every week. I did not tell about it to anyone because usually when I do, things don’t work out as well as I would like to. Well, I did not achieve that goal but I think I did pretty well considering that writing a blog was completely new for me. Let me boar you with a little bit of statistics. Here is a list of my posts in 2014:

  • -January: 4
  • -February: 5
  • -March: 5
  • -April: 1
  • -May: 5
  • -June: 4
  • -July: 2
  • -August: 0
  • -September: 3
  • -October: 3
  • -November: 4
  • -December: 4

TOTAL: 40 If you take a quick look you can immediately tell that we went on vacation in August and this is something that I have to figure out and do better this year if I want to improve my blog’s stats… But the total of 40 is actually not that bad. The three most popular posts were:

  • Nr. 1: Tipps on travelling with toddlers (6440 views thanks to pinterest)
  • Nr.2: Hungarian Blue Print for Christmas (180 views)
  • Nr. 3: IKEA hack (135 views)

Which post was your favorite? I tried but can not decide which project was my favorite because each of them brings up different memories… Besides the dry statistics I would also like to mention that I changed the design of the blog and I still like the look of it. The “FabRita” or “Rita’s Design” is also on facebook and on pinterest, so there are more possible ways to keep track of my ideas and crafting activity. I would like to thank everybody who signed up to follow this blog, it means a lot to me! I have 33 readers now: some of you I know personally, some of you through comments and mails, some of you stay silent but I am very thankful to all of you! I also got a Liebster Award from a fellow blog writer and I was very surprised and honored. Thank you very much! I will try to post and share my thoughts on that a.s.a.p. The question now is that what about 2015? Well, I would definitely continue sharing my ideas but I can not guarantee that I will post as oft as I did in 2014. Why? Many of you already know why: because in 1-2 weeks we are having a baby and he will take up most of my time. At least in the first couple of months. But I love this blog and like the way of how I can connect with you, dear Readers through creativity, so I promise to write as much as I can. 10815098_10152698369024039_2128385037_o

Photo by kissadri

Last year in August I got a great camera from my husband as a B-Day present and I am reading up on baby-photography, so be prepared for some experimental baby-photos in the near future!


4 thoughts on “New Year- New Start

  1. Aw congratulations on your baby! So he could come any time now! And wow over 6000 views on one post – well done you! I think I missed that one so will have to check it out myself! 🙂

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