Advent Calendar Part 2.

I continued to work on the advent calendar for our son. Although December is already around the corner, I am unfortunately still not completly done with this project but there is still a little bit of time. So let me show you how far I got.

I finished the pockets with the numbers on them and they look like this:

Adventi Naptar3I started to make the tiny ornaments. I’ve completed four of them: a star, a glove, a tree-ornament and a scate.


First I made the star: cut out a sample, cut out two pieces of felt but slightly bigger then my sample.


I did this because later I used my sample for stuffing the star with it and this way I was able to stitch around it.

Adventi Naptar1


I used the same technique for the green tree-ornament.

For the skate and gloves I cut out exactly the same size as it is on my sample, folded them into half and then sewed together. But for the glove I cut out a smaller paper-glove and stuffed the felt with it. When it was done, I also added a white felt-stripe to it to make it look more beautiful.

Adventi Naptar2For the skate I used a paper clip. Very simple, really.


Actually my whole advent calendar project looks like this at the moment:


“Only” twenty more ornaments to go (in two weeks)… But here is my half-done sample for you. If you want to make these ornaments, just print out the sample in A/4 format and the size should be accurate.





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