Girl’s dress made from a man’s shirt

Once i used my husband’s two old shirts to make a nice babyblanket and showed it to my friends. Next time we met, they gave me two other shirts to recycle because they didn’t need them anymore. For a long time the shirts were just tossed around because I didn’t have an idea what to create from them. Then my friends were expecting a baby and I came across an idea on the internet (here): make a girl’s dress from the shirt! I did not have a pattern but I looked up the average girl size when they are six months old because the little girl was born in January (just a couple of weeks old!) and she will be wearing dresses probably in summer, in six months. Then I dug out a same sized onesie from my son’s clothes and used it as my pattern. Followed the tutorial on the blog above, added a ribbon to the waist and voila!

Varras+Blog27Of course the little girl will look better in the dress, then our teddy bear but for now he is my model…

And from the rest of the shirt I added some ruffles to a body and came up with an other beautiful summer outfit:

Varras+Blog26I hope that they will fit very well to the little girl who will receive these outfits as presents and I will be able to present you a couple of sweet picture of her in six months.


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