Frog costume for the little one

Although the holiday’s roots go back to the Celtic culture (Great Britain and Ireland), traditionally there is no Halloween celebrated in most of Europe. At least not in Hungary. But after Christmas time and before the lent starts (ash-Wednesday) there is a period when we celebrate carnival and it’s time to get dressed in costumes.  And it is the same in Germany where we currently live. 

As many people around us know, our son is in love with frogs. I think each kid has his/her own little toy that he/she is in love with. It can be a teddy bear, a doll, some kind of a soft toy and in our case it’s a frog. Our son wasn’t even one year old when he first got a soft toy frog. Not just any frog, for him it’s THE FROG. He still has it, sleeps with it, plays with it, we can’t travel without it. We even bought an other frog (the same kind) just in case if he loses his beloved frog.

The funniest thing happened when we were told that he will be in a group at the kindergarten called “Frog Group”. I couldn’t stop laughing… Soon he will be two and a half years old and carnival season is around the corner. And of course the Frog Group will celebrate it in the kindergarten, so it’s time for me to get creative and make the first costume for our son. I asked him what he wanted to dress up to and the answer was no surprise to me: frog. Although I hoped a little bit that he would say refuse collector or maybe firefighter… My second question was to him: what should mom and dad dress up? And he said: lions. That was surprising but I am kind of happy with it because we can have a great hat, a yellow sweater and no fuss.


Then I started to search online for frog costumes and I was very disappointed. Again. Very few frog costumes are available in this small size and even they look horrible to me. Next I searched on Pinterest and I found a really great tutorial on this site. There is a free pdf pattern for the hat (which was a bit big for us!), a good description for the feet, and the rest I could figure out.


Buying the fabrics plus two afternoon spent sewing: that’s all it took for me to finish my son’s frog costume. He loves it, so I am happy and proud of my work.


He will wear this costume for the city carnival which is usually outside on the streets and I also up-cycled one of his green hoody and created similar frog-eyes on the hood. And he can wear that in the kindergarten which will have an indoor carnival party and his head won’t sweat under the hood.

And for ourselves I made the lion-hats. It was quiet easy to sew following the pdf pattern. Yesterday we tried on our costumes and had some fun taking pictures. My son was very happy and kept saying “Qaack!” and he pet the lion and the frog and lion became friends.

Karneval+JelmezekI can’t wait for the carnival this year!

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