Monthly Giveaway

Dear Friends and Followers!

I decided to start a game on this blog. Yaeh! From now on each month I will be giving away one of my creations to someone who signs up to follow my blog in that month. This is my way thanking for your attention and kindness.

Let’s start it right now!

1. To enter the game you must sign up to follow this blog with your email address. And that’s all.

2. Those who sign up between today (6th February 2014) and the end of this month (28th February 2014) will participate in a random drawing on 28th February. I will pronounce the name of the winner on the 1st of March. And he/she will be soon receiving the prize by post.

But wait a minute! What is the prize? Oh, I didn’t tell you? This month I will be giving away a gorgeous binder cover including the binder. Take a look and please share this information among those who might have a thing for owls…



One thought on “Monthly Giveaway

  1. Hmmm.. I’ve been following your lovely blog “unofficially” for quite some time now, dear Rita! But photos of your cute handcrafted binder gave me sufficient incentive to commit officially 😉

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