More kids’ stuff

Today I was really productive and created two things: hanging organizers and a very practical changing mat for the little ones.

The idea of the changing mat came from this source and I think it is genius because it is small, fits to a (bigger) purse or a changing bag, has little pockets for diapers and wipes. But really my favourite thing about it that it is not big. I hate carry lots of thing with me, I usually have a normal size vallet, a small cell phone and my keys in my purse. Maybe paper tissues, too but really that’s it. So when I had my little boy and was forced to carry lots of stuff with me all the time, I wasn’t happy about it. And two years later (when hopefully very soon he will be potty trained) I find this great idea. That’s my luck. But I am not complaining, I still love it and made one for my upcoming fair and I am corious how it will sell. Take a look:

Varras+Blog6The hanging organizers were totally my idea and have been planning them for ages to make and finally the time came and voila! Also this was the very first time when I bought and used the eyelets for hanging solution and I like them so I will stick to using them in the future.

I actually anded up making two hanging organizer: one for girls (pink with chickens) and one for boys (blue with trucks).

Would you put these hanging toy organizers in your kid’s room?



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