Birthday T-Shirt

One of my friends asked me if I could sew some applique things onto a T-Shirt for his son’s birthday. Sure, why not! The little boy is turning two this week and he LOVES tractors.

IMGP7893And this is how the T-Shirt looked after I finished working on it. I have to admit that I couldn’t sew it with my sewing machine. The line along the edge of nr. 2 looked like a really bad EKG and I am not sure why. Probably because the two fabrics were so different. So I had to rip off the seam and start it over by hand.  At the end I was proud of my work, I thought it was very nice and my friend liked it as well.
And I am pretty sure that the birthday boy will love it!

Update: yes, he did love it. Take a look at these pictures of him in the T-shirt:


Isn’t he sweet? Happy birthday to you again!


And thanks for the pictures!

UPDATE: Since then I made an other T-Shirt to my son and one more for an other friend. I think kids love it, because it makes them feel really special on their birthday and other kids envy their T-Shirt. Take a look:





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