A new “master piece”

In my last post I wrote about the new techniques that I’ve been practicing and showed you a sneak peak from my new patchwork blanket. I’m happy to pronounce that it’s finally done! (Actually I made two blankets but I don’t have pictures of the second one just yet…)

And here it is:




Sure, it is not perfect in all the small details (see picture below) but I think it’s close to that and as a first piece I am satisfied with what I’ve achieved.


IMGP6921I really enjoyed learning something new and I probably won’t stop now. I find my new book very useful, the explanations are good, there are great pictures in it to help you understand the method better. And I’m hooked up on Pinterest as well: so many inspiring pictures are there! (Here you can check out my favorites.)

And not just Pinterest, but other sites are also very helpful. For example I’m in love with the work of Patsy Thompson. I think she is my new role model: I hope that I can sew as well as she does in like 20 years from now.



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