Pillow cover for rounded pillow

As part of my next and bigger project I needed to sew pillow covers for two rounded pillows. We choose a fun fabric because they will be used by my son and probably other kids. At least according to my plan. It is quiet easy to sew this kind of a pillow cover, let me show you in a few step how it works:
1. Measure the length and the diameter of your pillow, and also the length of the circle which you can also count (diameter x 3,14). My pillow was 80X63 cm with a diameter of 20 cm. I cut out three pieces:

a.) 83×66 cm for the “body” of the pillow

b.) 66×12,5 cm for one end of the pillow and

c.) a circle with a diameter of 23 cm

IMGP61672. Put the piece “b.” on piece “a.” facing the right sides and sew them together on the side leaving a 1,5 cm wide hem. See the picture below:


3. When it’s done, fold the small piece out so it’ll become one big piece of fabric and fold into half lengthwise. Now it’s time to sew it together along the long side leaving a 1,5 cm wide hem again.

IMGP61694. Make a 1 cm wide hem on the left side (see picture below) where the 12,5×66 cm piece is.

IMGP6172When you are finishing this pillow-case you’ll have to cut a very little hole into this hem from the inside and pull a string or twine into it with a help of a safety pin.


5. Now take the circle that you previously cut out and pin it to the other end of the fabric. Again: right side to the right side. This step is very important because this way you can make sure it’ll be even everywhere and sewing will be easier.


If you sewed it together you are basically done! See, it wasn’t so difficult, was it? The only thing left is to turn the pillow-case inside out and stuff your pillow into it.

I needed two pillows, so I repeated the whole thing one more time and here are the final products:





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