Personalized napkin rings

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure to meet a very lovely family back in Detroit and they helped me in many ways. As a thank you I made these napkins and napkin-rings with the initials of their names.

For the napkins I just cut out squares and sewed the hem all the way around. Sorry but I don’t have more picture of this project, so you will have to use more your imagination! For the rings cut out 10x16cm squares and hem the longer sides! Then it’s time to get really crafty and hand-stitch the letters one-by-one! Cut 16cm long pieces of lace and sew them along the long sides. When it’s done fold the squares into half, the front side should be inside and the wrong side out. Now sew 1cm far from the edge along the short side, turn it out and there you have a napkin ring! It’s not complicated at all but it takes a little bit of time to hand-stitch the initials. It might be a good present-idea for Christmas for your family or other relatives, even for friends.


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