Getting ready for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is hear in two days but it is still not too late to get ready and figure out something crafty. As you probably know, we live in Germany now and Thanksgiving is not a holiday hear but we will try to celebrate it in a small way anyway. Last year and before we prepared the whole traditional Thanksgiving menu and we also had guests but probably not this year.  What we absolutely love is the pumpkin pie and I am 100% sure that I will bake one again (of course from scratch because you can’t buy the canned pumpkin in Germany). And I found something really cute and funny on a blog (here): a turkey T-shirt! Plus, it was made with felt which I love so I decided that I will make a turkey T-shirt for our little son. This way we will have at least one turkey at the table…

All you need is: felt in four colors (white, black, yellow and red), needle, thread, scissors, a brown T-shirt. You can make this in any size! If you wanted you can make turkey T-shirts for all your family-members, it would be funny but we decided we will try this year with the little one and then we will see.

Cut out the shapes for the eyes, beak and that red thing over the beak which I have no idea what it’s called. Pin down everything onto the T-shirt and then sew the layers. That’s it, not very complicated and it takes about fifteen minutes. The final product is:

And the happy owner in it:

Well, what do you think?


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