One of my very best friends is also expecting a baby. It’s gonna be a baby girl. Hopefully… (As I mentioned in our case it turned out to be a boy after 7 months…) This Friday we are traveling back to Hungary for a nice vacation and we’re also going to visit these friends, so I thought that I will create something for this little  baby girl. A few weeks back I made a funny-looking pillowcase for ourselves with a bird on it.

I really enjoyed drawing a sample, cutting out all the pieces then sewing them together, so all the detail-work! So I thought that I will use the same technique for the next pillowcase as well. As I said, it’s gonna be for a baby girl, named Anna. I needed something girly. Finally I decided on a flower, frills on the side and putting her name on it, which is risky because the baby still can turn out to be a boy… Anyway.

Here it is: the final product:

When you want to make something similar, you must plan all the layers and steps of sewing it together very carefully. I cut out first the front of the pillowcase. Then cut out the blue layer and sewed the curly lines on it. After that I designed the flower on a paper, then cut it out from a yellow material and sewed on the blue layer. The final step in making the flower was to sew on the dark-blue circle in the middle. When the whole flower was done, then I sewed it on the front of the pillowcase.

The next step was cutting out and sewing on the letters:

Because the letters are so small, I had to sew them very slowly and carefully.

Then I made the frills on the side and the back of the pillowcase. Actually this was the hardest part: sewing together the frills with the two side of the pillowcase because you need to sew it inside out and the frills were always in the way somehow. But after the third try I could finish it.

I think it looks very lovely and all the hard work was worthy.

The backside of the pillowcase:


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