Baby blankets

Since we are expecting a baby, I decided to make a nice baby blanket. I’m not really good at patchwork but I like to try it out sometimes. In May the doctor told us that the baby is going to be a girl. Most likely.  So I looked for that old pink-red material that I bought about two years ago in Detroit. Of course, it wasn’t big enough, so I bought an other pink material and used it on the other side of the blanket.  The pattern of the blanket is very simple. And I put some filling between the two material. Unfortunately I have no idea what’s the name of it in English. Could someone please tell me?

Anyway, here is the final product:

But I also got some blue materials, just in case… Then I got to know that my sister-in-low is also expecting, and it’s a girl, too. I thought that I make her baby an other blanket, so I used the blue materials but somehow made it very girly with lots of flowers. Their baby is going to be named after a flower anyway. This time I tried to make more pattern on the blanket and I think I succeeded. First I sewed on the flowers on both sides, then the filling on one side, finally I sewed the two layers together. It is really not complicated.

PS.: Yesterday we went to the doctor again and had a big ultrasound, and as it turns out we are having a boy… No comment.


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