Susy doll and her rooster

When last year my niece celebrated her very first birthday, I decided to sew something girly for her. Back then I didn’t have a sewing machine so what I made were completely hand-made.  And of course my first idea was a doll.

First I made the head of the doll, then sewed on her body, finally the arms and legs. But it didn’t look very nice because of the stitches all over her body. So I made a good looking cover for her. Then I sewed the hair on the head: piece by piece from some knitting yarn. It was pretty exhausting. To tell the truth, I wouldn’t do this part again but I didn’t have a better idea for the hair. If you do, please let me know! After the hair I made the face: eyes and mouth from cross-stitching yarn. The rest was the easiest part: to sew some underwear and a dress for the doll.

Meanwhile I became to know that my little niece loves the birds and her parents (my brother and his wife) started to have some chicken in the garden. Which is not very unusual if you live in the Hungarian country-side. And an other idea came: let’s make a rooster! So I made a rooster from the leftover material and stuffed it with cotton wool. I think it looks very funny:



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