When we lived in Detroit, our church had its own festival where people were selling Hungarian food, special sweets and desserts, some souvenirs etc. There was also good music and dancing going on. I think it was a pretty good festival. I decided to help our church as I can, so I made some postcards and traditional Hungarian gingerbread. I got a table and I was selling my products for the very first time. I was very proud of myself. Especially at the end of the day when I counted the total income: 84 dollars! Of course I had to spend money first for the supplies but I was still doing very good. And it made me feel very good that I could help my church.

I just cut out the postcards from colored carton-paper and drew on them.  Before I started I bought the envelopes first and I matched the size of the postcards to them. It is not complicated but you have to have some ideas what to draw and some skills.

The finished postcards

And some more:

I’m going to show the ginger-breads in an other post. I promise.


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