The beginnings

My name is Rita Rajna and I am Hungarian. I fell in love with sewing when I was a little girl: I used to sew dresses for my dolls and also for myself. At least I tired… Sometimes it was a catastrophe.

I’ve never actually learned to sew in a course or a school but I educated myself as I could: first of all by practicing and making lots of mistakes but also learning small tricks here and there. Thank you for that to my friends and my relatives!

Beside sewing I also like to do cross stitching, drawing, baking and many other things.You’ll see!

I started this blog in 2010 because after so many years finally I got a very good sewing machine and I hope that I can create as many things as I imagine. And I would like to share my ideas with you too because sometimes I check out other people’s blogs and get inspired. I hope that you’ll like my ideas as well and try to create something for yourself, just to have fun! Enjoy my blog and don’t be afraid to comment!

Also I am starting a business under the name “FabRita”, where you will be able to buy some of my products, that you see on this blog. More information on this soon.



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